Monday, November 1, 2010

A Dolly for Miss Jocie

 Another pressie for Miss Jocie's 2nd Birthday, I'm getting it done early so I can get back to Christmas sewing! This gorgeous girl was made using a free pattern by the wonderfully talented Jhoanna from One Red Robin. I'm sticking with Jhoanna on this one and naming her Ruby..... Unless Miss Jocie has other ideas lol!

A shot of the back so you can see the gorgeous hedgehog fabric!

We also had some Daddy Make happening on the weekend, with a doll's cradle being made for the soon to be 2 year old, pics to come once its painted!!

So its been 5 days since my first concert, Sarah Blasko, and to be honest I just don't know what to say! It was amazing and awesome and I loved every second of it, but I feel rather overwhelmed and almost like it didn't happen at all, I always end up feeling like this after a big, anticipated event, surely I'm not the only one?

I also had some rather exciting news this morning, My big girls have been accepted for an out of zone placement at a new primary school, We are so relieved! For the first time in 3 years Imogene may make some friends!! and Charlotte will be reunited with her bestie, and both will hopefully learn that friendships last longer then a day or two at best! They will also be at the same school as my baby sister, which is another bonus, instant friends rule!! And that's not even getting started on the advantages of going to a school with actual real policy's and plans in place! Things are looking up in the mummy makes household!!


  1. That always happens to me with big events. I create all these images and scenarios in my mind about what it will be like and in the end it's never the same which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

    I try really hard to go into everything with openness and free of expectations, but thats hard!

    I have a motto of sorts when I'm faced with bad things or thing I am not looking forward to in the future that I am getting worked up about, which is 'soon this will all just be a memory'. I'm starting to figure that it works both ways, with both positive and negative experiences!

    Also, I'm glad your girls are able to transfer, that must be such a relief!

  2. Wow Kelly that doll is so gorgeous, i bet Jocie will love it! Happy Brithday to Miss 2!

  3. Lovely doll Kelly - the hedgehogs are one of my favourites too! So pleased for you and your girls that they have a bright future ahead of them for school - it is such a important time for them - they will just blossom!

  4. love this doll and fabulous choice of fabric! Im sure miss Jocie will adore it! Great news about the school - a great school can really make such a huge difference.

  5. what a lucky girl, this doll and the doll blanket...fabulous!